Whatever Happened To James Michael Tyler's Wife Jennifer Carno?

Publish date: 2024-05-19

Since the passing of James Michael Tyler, his wife, Jennifer Carno, has fought to keep his memory alive by continuing to honor his legacy and working closely with the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Back in 2022, the Prostate Cancer Foundation publicly expressed gratitude to Carno for her continued support after she managed to raise nearly $4,700 in her birthday fundraiser for the organization. In a statement on Facebook, Carno urged her family and friends to consider donating to the foundation instead of gifting her presents. "They're a phenomenal non-profit organization with which my husband James Michael Tyler worked to raise awareness about this terrible disease," she said, adding that she's doing it to honor Tyler's memory. "It took him from us way too soon, but I am hoping to help others learn about early detection and treatment options."

In the wake of Tyler's sudden death in 2021, the Prostate Cancer Foundation issued a statement on their website expressing their sadness over the loss of their "friend, supporter, and advocate." They also thanked Tyler for his efforts in advocating cancer awareness and early cancer detection, saying that the "Friends" star bravely used the "sorrow of his diagnosis" to help others affected by the same disease. Meanwhile, Carno was described not just as his wife but "the love of his life," who had stayed by Tyler's side even through his final moments, "ever partnered in good times, in sickness, and in eternity," according to the organization.